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Automatically inspect your corporate vehicle fleet and decide through our dematerialized damage management platform.

Our 2 offers developed by
managers for managers :

for your pre-booking

Be supported to make the best decision before returning your vehicles and save money thanks to your drivers.

Pre-delivery inspections and returns of your vehicles
Follow-up inspections throughout the ownership of your vehicles
Best offer
for fleet tracking

Animate your management strategy with a comprehensive tool for spot or automated inspections from your drivers.

Pre-delivery inspections and returns of your vehicles
Follow-up inspections throughout the ownership of your vehicles

How are our customers' 20,000 vehicles inspected? 


Your driver receives a text message and is guided to inspect his vehicle with his phone.

Put a figure on

We estimate the damage with our artificial intelligence based on the inspection of your driver's vehicle.


Our web-based damage management platform enables you to decide on the basis of estimates on the next steps


As soon as you click on your validation, we take care of repairing the vehicle while preserving the driver's mobility.

You're just one click away from knowing everything!

Depending on your schedule, choose the niche that suits you. 

Save money and build trust:

time saving for each vehicle
savings per car
driver's responsibility
inspections performed

Inspect the condition of your fleet throughout its detention...

Make your drivers responsible

Your driver is guided for his vehicle inspection which he simply does with his smartphone.

You're in control, you decide.

Based on the inspections and damage estimates you decide on the next steps.

Inspection of your vehicles

A simple user experience for your employees

Eliminate extra costs when returning goods

Have a pre-delivery inspection carried out and obtain a comparative cost study according to your lessor's specifications.

I want a demo.

and its magical powers.

To be or not to be alerted!

You receive an alert as soon as something happens to your fleet.

Order a repair estimate

Ordering a quote is as simple as getting a dish delivered.

The purchasing department will love you

Anticipate the expenses and fees related to the use of your fleet.

Make statistics with the data of your park

Export via CSV or Excel.
A complete follow-up in 1 click!

Do I make it like this or do I fix it?

Our automatic study offers you the possibility to restore as is or to have repaired what is necessary.

The driver works for you!

From a message and with one click, he will be guided step by step through the inspection of his vehicle.

Know what is happening or has happened to your vehicles.

Quickly and easily view the list of your vehicles and their status.

Co-pilot the condition of your vehicles throughout their life cycle.

In one click, access the status of your vehicles whenever you want.

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"WeProov Fleet has emerged as the ideal solution to save time and optimize our processes. Our goal: to reduce the vehicle overhaul budget by at least 25%. »

Céline Bourloton and Christophe Warin,
Fleet manager at Bouygues Construction

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