The revolution

Revolutionize your policyholders' experience when making a claim, speed up your claims handling and compensation.

A solution with services to choose according to your priorities:

Claim for damages :

Make claim reporting a simple, fast and fun digital experience

Your insured is the actor of his claim but guided.
The time required to manage a claim is reduced by several days.
The claim file is complete and ready to be analysed by your teams.
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Costing & Expertise :

Receive a damage estimate in an instant based on your need or a defined threshold

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Repair tools

Referral to repair networks :

Add a step for your insured to select your approved garage network or ours, depending on their choices.

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How does WeProovClaim work?


WeProov Claim mobile application
Your insured receives a click of information and the magic happens.

Your insured person fills out a claim form in which you ask him/her for the information relevant to his/her claim.


WeProov Claim
Your insured is the actor of his statement!

Your insured becomes a real paparazzi and the pictures are of impeccable quality!
Everything is simple and fun.


Standardized file
We create a standardized, certified and usable file.

This claim file contains all the information necessary to compensate the insured.

In addition to our millimeter experience, we generate real savings:

Out of 100,000 annual claims, make up to :

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750K€ in savings*
On fees
Repair tools
750K€ in savings*
On repairs
* Figures based on actual customer data

Let your policyholder choose his repairer simply.

On the basis of your repairer network, we create a white-label map that allows you to choose the repairers in your vicinity.

Guide your policyholder

With or without the photo, simplify the declaration and the choice of the repairer.

built in your image

White label, containing the steps and repairers of your choice

Application and webapp

An application or a webapp in your colors?
You tell us.

The application or our web app is totally flexible and can be perfectly integrated into your existing solutions.

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ConnexION in API and webhook

Consolidate your data and offer more system functions

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EASY integration FOR YOUR IF.

Launch your WeProov models from your own app, for a completely personalized and equally secured experience

Dedicated application

Dedicated application or WEB APP

Create your own app by using WeProov's technology

Not convinced yet? Perhaps you should read this:

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"Our policyholder's experience is fast and secure."

Françoise Pallu, Claims Manager
at Natixis Assurances

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and its benefits


Put together a complete photo file certified as indisputable proof!


Reduce costs and optimize the time of each actor.


Digitize your processes and stay in control.


Simplify and automate your claims management procedures.


Reduce claims management time and speed up cost estimates


Put the insured back at the heart of the vehicle inspection to speed up claims management and limit fraud.

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