In case of damage to a vehicle: what are the driver's needs?   

Having a car accident isn't the most "fun" situation you've ever had. Even more so if it's a hitch in the course of one's duties that engages the professional vehicle. Nowadays, after an accident, the driver is involved in a complex and risky procedure to report the facts. And if he wants to quickly recover his vehicle "all nice and clean ", I'm not talking about it... So how can the driver's experience be improved? What are his real needs in the event of an accident?

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1. The finding

Let's take the fictitious example of Pierre, a salesman with the Cocacolus company. Like every morning, Pierre takes his car to work. And all of a sudden, BANG: out of nowhere, Pierre collides in the car across the street. More fear than harm, no boo-boos but a big damage on his bonnet. All that's left to do is to make a report, but the problem is that he doesn't have any...

As for any road accident, the driver of a company car must fill out an accident report even if the accident took place on his own time. When an employee joins a company, it is important to make him/her aware of road risks. The fleet manager must be the "spokesperson" for the prevention plan. The idea is to make each new employee aware of the internal policy by providing him/her with the company's charter, which includes an amicable report.

It is in the interest of each driver to ensure that the report is filled in correctly. If the driver does not know how to fill it in, do not hesitate to remind him/her to look at the guide. I give you an example here : Guide to road risk management

2. Communication, communication and communication

Even though Pierre didn't suffer any physical damage, he's still a little shaken up. After his accident, his reflex is to notify his company so that he can get his vehicle back in good condition as soon as possible. Very good initiative, but he certainly didn't expect to be contacted many times by different people. Pierre keeps repeating the same information over and over again. Result of the accounts: more than an hour on the phone, unproductive morning and morale at zero...

As they often say: one problem, one solution. It is important in a company to appoint a person responsible for fleet accidents. This is often the case of the Fleet Manager or an external service provider. It is up to him (and only him) to collect all the information about the accident so that he can deal with the case as quickly as possible. The benefit is to ensure good communication between the parties, speed up the process and improve the driver's experience. If the manager benefits from a platform that allows him to manage the damage, that's the jackpot!

3. Get a date and repair your vehicle in a flash

After spending hours on the phone explaining his accident in detail, Pierre would like to get his vehicle fixed quickly. Pierre already has a very busy schedule and would like to avoid spending a lot of time on it. But his company's procedures are still very "archaic". His dream? To ask for an intervention that is best suited to his claim and his schedule and to solve this problem during a customer appointment or during his break if possible .

We have to tell Pierre that it's possible today! From our mobile application, the driver, after his accident, takes pictures of the damage to his vehicle. He is guided for his inspection which he simply does with his smartphone. The fleet manager, with the inspection of the vehicle, has access to an expertise and a costing of the real state of the vehicle. WeProov estimates the damage thanks to artificial intelligence based on the inspection. Today, the time spent to request a quote is 5 minutes and the time to get a quote is 24 hours maximum: a considerable time saving! As soon as the quote is validated in one click, we take care of having the vehicle repaired while preserving the driver's mobility. The fleet manager benefits from a complete dashboard with a follow-up and control of expenses.

WeProov Fleet tu adopteras

Vous avez du mal à suivre votre flotte tout au long de sa détention ? Vous réunissez tous les autres commandements mais même avec ça, vous avez des difficultés ? Équipez-vous d’un outil qui digitalise l’inspection automobile et automatise la gestion des dommages de votre flotte.
En programmant des inspections de suivi et inspections de pré-restitution à distance, vous êtes à coup sûr de faire en moyenne 25% d’économies. Vos conducteurs sont guidés pour inspecter le véhicule simplement et précisément.
Un moyen de satisfaire et responsabiliser le conducteur. Vous pourrez piloter votre activité, chiffrer les dégâts et trouver un réparateur depuis une plateforme web dédiée. Avoir accès à l’état complet de votre parc en temps réel ainsi qu’aux nouveaux dommages détectés est essentiel pour mener à bien votre flotte et c’est jusqu’à 50% de temps de gestion de dossier… un chiffre qui ne peut vous laisser insensible. Je vous laisse méditer là-dessus !


Digitalisez vos inspections automobiles et automatisez la gestion des dommages des flottes d’entreprises.

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