In case of damage to a vehicle: what are the driver's needs?

Even though Pierre didn't suffer any physical damage, he's still a little shaken up. After his accident, his reflex is to notify his company so that he can get his vehicle back in good condition as soon as possible. Very good initiative, but he certainly didn't expect to be contacted many times by different people. Pierre keeps repeating the same information over and over again. Result of the accounts: more than an hour on the phone, unproductive morning and morale at zero...

conductive need

As they often say: one problem, one solution. It is important in a company to appoint a person responsible for fleet accidents. This is often the case of the Fleet Manager or an external service provider. It is up to him (and only him) to collect all the information about the accident so that he can deal with the case as quickly as possible. The benefit is to ensure good communication between the parties, speed up the process and improve the driver's experience. If the manager benefits from a platform that allows him to manage the damage, that's the jackpot!

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