Managing a company car fleet, our advice for 2020  

Corporate fleet managers know that knowing the status of their entire fleet in real time is almost impossible, especially when that corporate fleet is scattered across the country.
However, keeping control of your company vehicle fleet will allow you to budget for repairs to be planned, but also to anticipate end-of-lease refunds to lessors without having to incur extra charges for repairs.

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With the management of a company car fleet, you keep control of the TCO (total cost of ownership).

One of the essential notions of fleet management is the control of the total cost of ownership, commonly known as TCO, of each vehicle.

To succeed in keeping the TCO as low as possible, it is necessary to obtain the vehicle at the best price. On the other hand, managing its maintenance and repairs by optimizing each operation.

Challenges related to the management of a vehicle fleet

Whatever the field of activity, managing a fleet of vehicles must lead to asking the right questions in order to make the right choices in the short and long term.

When ordering a vehicle, one must take into account, for example, its fuel consumption, insurance and repair costs, pollution restrictions for certain vehicles, and changing needs during its useful life.

The optimization of each expense when managing a company car fleet is important. A few hundred euros saved on one vehicle each year can turn into hundreds of thousands or even millions of euros on a large company vehicle fleet.

Developments in the sector

The fleet management sector is in constant motion. It is an environment that is changing as rapidly as the automobile and information technology. By combining these two industries, fleet managers have access to a multitude of tools that make their daily lives easier.

For example, vehicle location via GPS, which allows the transmission of information such as the mileage travelled to plan maintenance, fuel management and consumption of each vehicle, the scheduling of technical inspections or the implementation of eco-driving.
Over the years,
the corporate fleet manager has become a real manager who has his hands on a multitude of data. But his role is not limited to the analysis of collected data, he must also know how to negotiate with service providers to keep his TCO as low as possible and anticipate his needs.

How can you optimise the management of a company car fleet in 2020?

To optimize the management of its vehicle fleet, it is necessary to anticipate and plan the various operations to be carried out during the life of the vehicle in the company.
You can therefore keep the TCO as low as possible by reducing the costs generated by the vehicles in the fleet and perform regular inspections of the vehicles in order to have a global visibility of the fleet.

Reduce your fleet costs

The best weapon to reduce costs is information. You must have regular and automated feedback on your vehicles to know their condition, the problems to be solved, and the maintenance and repairs to be planned.

Then, with the right information, you will be able to ask for quotes from service providers and negotiate the best prices to reduce costs. Finally, the most complicated thing is to obtain this information, which must be as accurate as possible.

Especially when the vehicles are unattended and pass from hand to hand. It will be difficult to really know the body condition of a car that is 600 km from your office for example.

Auto Inspections: Different Ways to Inspect Your Vehicles

If your vehicles are scattered all over the territory, you can ask each driver to make an inventory of the vehicle they drive with photos, for example. But this remains quite basic, time-consuming and a source of litigation.

To obtain an accurate car inspection of each vehicle in the company's fleet with a self-assessment of the damage, without having to travel, an effective solution is the one we offer at WeProov.

The WeProov Fleet solution scans the bodywork and automatically detects the damage to be repaired. In addition, the application geolocates and timestamps the inspection. It is also possible to quantify the cost of repairs and obtain the best quotes from WeProov platform partners.

To optimise the management of your company car fleet, you need to keep a constant eye on the cost of ownership. This indicator will allow you to achieve economies of scale.

To budget for repairs, WeProov offers the WeProov Fleet application that allows you to digitalize your vehicle inspections.
you will be able to identify damaged vehicles through a standardized process, drive and make the right decisions thanks to its advanced dashboard and indicators. Thus in one click, visualize the damage; order a cost estimate; have the vehicle repaired ...

For more information visit our WeProov Fleet page.


Digitize your vehicle inspections and automate damage management for corporate fleets.

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