Disaster management: what miracle solutions to save time?

In the insurance industry, after a policy has been taken out, a motor claim is one of the most important moments in the insured-insurer relationship. This is when the insured will "judge" his insurer and the claims manager comes into play. He must proceed with the investigation of the case (responsibilities, coverage, advice) as quickly as possible and in the best possible way in order to provide the expected customer service. But how can the processing time of these claims be reduced? How can we make policyholders more responsible and make them actors in the management of their claims? How can we offer them innovative and up-to-date solutions?

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The auto insurance sector: fewer accidents but more expensive

Over the years, the number of claims has fallen by about 2% per year. This is due to the combination of many criteria: vehicle reliability and equipment (ADAS), prevention and repression policies of the public forces, quality of road infrastructures...

On the other hand, the cost of repairs on file has risen sharply: price and number of parts, labour rate, waste treatment... The Claims Manager therefore has a key role to play in containing these costs as much as possible (repair orientation and speed of treatment) and providing an ever more qualitative service to his policyholder. But how to help him/her accomplish his/her tasks?

Simplify and automate your expertise processes

Today, we live in a totally digitalized world. Policyholders are largely hyper-connected and informed. A new way of consuming has emerged with ever more demanding expectations. Therefore, whatever the type of automobile claim, it is essential to ask the right questions and find medium and long-term solutions.

Policyholders want offers that are fully adapted to their needs. The notions of simplicity, transparency and adaptability are essential for them. These new habits have enabled the insurance industry to change part of its business. It is now possible to automate the appraisal process in the event of a motor vehicle claim. Tools have been developed to simplify and speed up day-to-day procedures, notably by offering to make the insured party responsible for handling his or her file.

How can this be achieved? The insured can now declare, carry out and follow up his file. A way for the Claims Manager to have standardized, easy and quality processes!

Reduce claims handling time

If the insured can now take charge of his claim and compile his complete and standardised file, the Manager will save time: no more indecent reminders to complete the file. The optimization of charges and missions is a very important element to take into consideration. And yes, because if the Manager saves 2 hours a day, that's 10 hours a week and 544 hours a year saved. This is a significant amount of time that he can devote to other tasks, become versatile and focus on actions with higher added value, and be more serene. Teams must therefore be taught to reinvent themselves and adapt to changes in the sector. Insurers/brokers need to be much more agile. Even if implementing this type of solution wrongly seems complex, time-consuming and expensive, it is both a real investment for the future and a rejuvenated image.

Improve your customer relationship

In the insurance sector, the objective is to truly put the customer at the heart of its strategy and its new offers. By implementing process automation, the insurer is guaranteed to save time. But the most fundamental element is to process files as quickly as possible. And faster processing means satisfied and loyal customers. In addition, the policyholder feels invested and empowered!

Digitalisation has highlighted the weaknesses of the insurance sector, which is still too little affected by this phenomenon. But the sector is progressing. We are facing much deeper changes that are shaking up the insurance model. So you who are reading this article, if you have not taken the plunge, it is time to take action! WeProov is here to automate the reporting and management of your claims and make you save money.


Allows you to check or have checked the condition of a vehicle on a mobile and tablet, anywhere and at any time, in a quick, guided and certified manner.

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