Knowing the state of your vehicle in real time is priceless!

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Can you introduce?

After 5 years spent in the automotive aftermarket, notably on various digitalisation projects, I have been working at WeProov for 3 years now as Head of the Automotive Division. I have been able to deploy within WeProov some of the big names in the rental business. For over a year now, I have been looking more closely at fleet monitoring issues.

What do you see as the problems encountered by companies in terms of car fleet management?

Today, the fleet manager's main challenge is to adapt to new constraints. Often associated with a vehicle buyer, the manager has to think about ecology, new means of transport, new ways of using a vehicle, fleet size reduction and motorisations. Indeed, they must find new ways of consuming in order to preserve our planet while reconciling their budget. Because yes, we all have to change!

Is the digitalisation of fleet management tools essential for you in today's companies?

Yes indeed, today it is essential and this is why we have been working for 5 years at WeProov. Digitalisation solves some of the problems I have just mentioned.
Being able to digitize processes and automate the sending of data will allow you to monitor your fleet much more efficiently, speed up processes and reduce management time: indeed, being able to monitor without having to travel is the dream of every good human being. Knowing the state of your vehicle in real time is priceless!

In your opinion, can we really save money with these kinds of tools?

I'm even convinced of it! If you use a solution like WeProov, for example, you save at least 20% on maintenance and repair costs, including insurance. It's a new way of telling your boss that you're doing something good for the company's financial health.

By setting up and digitizing processes and closely monitoring a car throughout its life cycle, the manager will automatically make savings. When a driver is asked to do a follow-up inspection several times a year, he or she will pay special attention to the car and treat it "like the apple of his eye".

The formula is simple: one application, more inspections, less damage, lower return costs, a vehicle returned in the condition requested by the lessor. The fleet manager is a winner every time!

Do you think a technology like Artificial Intelligence will be able to advance the automotive sector?

AI, like any technology, has a good impact for those who know how to use it. In our business, AI will considerably help us to reduce process and file processing times, help field operators as well as all those in charge of file follow-up.

It will also make it easier to detect errors and even some fraud. It can intervene concretely on: automated detection of vehicle parts, automated damage detection, (Pre)quantification, predictive analysis and faster dissemination of data.

Why would you advise WeProov?

Quite simply because we are an eco-system specialized in these fields for 5 years and of course evolving. Today, it is a close-knit team with 30 employees who strive to offer the most efficient and reliable solutions. We are particularly attentive to the market but above all to our customers and users.


Digitize your vehicle inspections and automate damage management for corporate fleets.

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