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ARTICLE / Insurance
One day, the data will compensate us!

Insurance, boosted by digital technology and especially by artificial intelligence, is constantly reinventing itself. Ever simpler, more flexible, faster and more efficient, it now relies on algorithms and data to make the customer experience more fluid and more satisfactory, particularly in terms of claims handling.

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ARTICLE / fleet management
LS Services uses WeProov

LS Services has decided to entrust the inspection, management and costing of damage to its fleet to WeProov. The objective: to reduce the budget devoted to the refurbishment of its fleet by at least a quarter.

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ARTICLE / insurance
Guide, digitize and reduce the time of management and compensation of a car claim from 21 to 7 days!

"It's a sector that's disintermediated along its entire chain. Insurers and brokers understand that economies of scale are possible by having their clients carry out different types of acts (e.g. underwriting, underwriting, management...). Insurers are lagging behind in terms of digitalisation (with a few micro exceptions) due to their size and cumbersomeness".

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"Artificial Intelligence WeProov = #NoBullsh*t"

This keynote is for us the long-awaited opportunity to show you that our artificial intelligence will concretely revolutionize the insurance sector and the automotive world. 30 minutes to convince you after 5 years of determined work: "We don't sell magic. We offer results."

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INTERVIEW / fleet management
Knowing the state of your vehicle in real time is priceless!

"Today, the fleet manager's main problem is to adapt to new constraints. Often associated with a vehicle buyer, the manager has to think about ecology, new means of transport, new ways of using a vehicle, reducing fleet size and motorisations. Indeed, they must find new ways of consuming in order to preserve our planet while reconciling their budget. Because yes, we all have to change!"

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ARTICLE / Fleet management
The 4 Commandments to be a good fleet manager

What are the qualities needed to become a fleet manager? A very stimulating job, the manager can still face an unstable environment with a lot of challenges.

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Weproov launches WeProov GO to accompany professionals during covid-19

The health crisis linked to Covid-19 forces everyone to stay at home. This measure implies a profound transformation of habits and customs for individuals and companies.

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ARTICLE / fleet management
3 tips and tricks to improve your fleet management

Today, the role of the fleet manager is multi-tasking. In addition to the many responsibilities, it is difficult for him to achieve optimal management of his fleet.

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article / Insurance
Disaster management: what miracle solutions to save time?

In the insurance industry, after a policy has been taken out, a motor claim is one of the most important moments in the insured-insurer relationship.

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webinar / fleet management
Find out how you can simply save money with your car fleet

Participate in our next webinar on Thursday, July 09, 2020 at 11am presented by our fleet specialist, Victor Lallain.

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white paper / fleet management
Fleet Manager: Golden rules to reduce costs and management time

2 articles on two specific themes, 3 interviews with automotive experts and 1 infographic with hard-hitting figures. Specially created for you, fleet managers.

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ARTICLE / fleet management
Managing a company car fleet, our advice for 2020  

Corporate fleet managers on savent : Knowing the status of their entire fleet in real time is almost impossible, especially when the corporate fleet is spread across the country. 

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webinar / fleet management
Fleet management: how to reduce costs and management time thanks to your driver

Do you have refunds to make in the coming weeks and would like to anticipate them? You wish to know the state of the vehicle as well as its damage with a standardized, secure process? Do you want to know the cost of repairs?

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article / fleet management
Returning a vehicle: how to avoid unpleasant surprises

Returning a leased vehicle is an essential step in the proper management of a company fleet. It must even be prepared in order to anticipate unpleasant surprises on D-day  !

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