3 tips and tricks to improve your fleet management

Today, the role of the fleet manager is multi-tasking. In addition to the many responsibilities, it is difficult for him to achieve optimal management of his fleet. This includes various aspects that should not be neglected such as costs, drivers, maintenance, etc. Focus on a few tips and tricks to save money and gain efficiency.

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Managing your car fleet with a masterful hand is no easy task. And to make it optimal, it is essential to focus on one of the main protagonists: the driver. First of all, every driver must be able to drive responsibly and be aware of how he or she uses the car. It is not obvious to everyone that nervous driving will obviously lead to faster wear and tear on the car .


Nervous driving can increase fuel consumption by up to 40%.  

Smooth driving can reduce maintenance costs by up to several thousand euros* (over the lifetime of a vehicle).

Reduction of the risk of accidents by up to 15%.

Easier said than done, you'll tell me, but you know the expression "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".


For any self-respecting fleet manager, the moment of vehicle return always means stress: will the repairs weigh heavily in the total bill? The question arises... What if you were to inspect your vehicles on a regular basis and anticipate potential problems? In order to avoid excessive repair costs and high mechanical costs that could have been avoided well in advance, don't hesitate to define checks in advance before your pre-delivery inspection.
So yes, if you decide to proceed by yourself, it may take some time but there are now solutions to digitize your inspection procedures. You can use software to plan your inspections and repairs in order to better control your costs.


REALLY? Yes, it is even fundamental to obtain an optimal management of your park. The monitoring and maintenance of your vehicle fleet will be much more efficient and will reduce your management costs thanks to a dedicated software. Among other things, WeProov Fleet is a solution that will allow you to automatically schedule your intermediate and end-of-lease inspections. Do your drivers have a smartphone? Do they know how to take pictures? Bingo! Our solution is made for you! Automation that will allow you to reduce your overhaul costs by up to 30%. More than just a tool, it's an investment that can make your daily life easier: scheduled alerts on inspections with a complete dedicated platform to manage your business. Your drivers are guided to inspect the vehicle simply and accurately. You will be able to control your activity, estimate the damage and at the same time find a repairer.  


Digitize your vehicle inspections and automate damage management for corporate fleets.

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