weproov for the automotive industry

The new standard to carry out your inspections and manage your damage reports

Protect yourself with certified photos, optimize your process, and automate damage reports with WeProov

time management
driver accountability
repair costs

One tool, multiple functions

Reduce your costs and maintain your fleet in good condition

Easily monitor the condition of the vehicle throughout the contract

Reduce vehicle damages and repair costs through driver accountability

Anticipate repair decisions before the end of the contract and minimize repair costs as a result during return

Mandate a remote driver to perform a spot inspection in the middle of a pick-up

Monitor and speed up responsibility transfers

Accurately compare the condition of the vehicle during a return and make the best decisions in the event of a problem.

Reduce repair costs at the end of the contract and optimize repair processes

The application helps you to discover the small damages that occurred during the pick-up of the vehicle

Accurately track the activity of your vehicle users

Report your claims easily

Create in just a few minutes a certified file of visual evidence of damage

Give drivers the option to carry out photos of damage themselves, to in turn simplify the damage assessment process

Give drivers the option to choose their repairperson thanks to a geolocalized list of local certified shops

Save time and money as you simplify the process

Reduce your costs and maintain your fleet in good condition

Simplify cost estimates, expert assessments, and vehicle repair processes by sending photo files of evidential value

Reduce the time that vehicles are out of commission and save time on expert assessments and cost estimates

Reduce costs for travel, management, and repair

Securely and easily transfer data to anyone


And many more advantages

Anticipate functions by pre-filling out your reports

Available on tablet and smartphone (iOS and Android)

Functions without Internet

Available in 13 languages

Easily export data

Choose the parameters for sending your remote inspections


"WeProov has allowed me to reduce damage costs by 40% and customer conflicts by 100%!"

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fleet management

"WeProov helped me increase my rate of damage detection by 60% in only a couple months!"

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fleet management

The Cab knows the precise state of its fleet on a daily basis since WeProov protected it.

Vehicle shipping and transport

WeProov’s easy operations won Fullcar Services over.

Use WeProov for guaranteed flexibility

The application is totally flexible and can be perfectly integrated into your existing solutions

Connect in API and Webhook

Consolidate your data and offer more system functions

SDK integration

Launch your WeProov models from your own app, for a completely personalized and equally secured experience

Dedicated application

Create your own app by using WeProov's technology

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Create a visual record of any situation: claims, reports, overviews, inspections...

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Fleet dashboard to monitor your activities’ operations and evaluations

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WeProov can be useful in all situations! Do not hesitate to let us know your needs.

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