The solution to detect & qualify the risk in insurance contracts and automate insurance claim procedures

WeProov solution enables professional and private individual to create 

certified condition report of any asset (vehicle, property, goods...) geolocated, time-stamped, unforgeable, to protect you from fraud. Empowering your client, you will accelerate insurance claim procedures (damage quotation...) and improve the client's satisfaction. 


Inspect property condition, follow the evolution of property condition over time and reduce fraud.

Simplify and automate your process of expertise in security and control.

Reduce the time of insurance claims management and speed up damages costs estimation process

Empower your client by making them accountable for their contract and maximize customer's satisfaction 

Discover all the features dedicated to Insurance professionals to simplify and secure the contract subscription and damage claim. From your user, thanks to a cost estimates damage report or expertise, to the document inspection management


They use WeProov in their professional activities daily

digital, intuitive and secure inspection tool to make your clients do a self care claim form, accelerate your expertise and build contract by mutual agreement

For the insurers, know the property condition of the insured asset and allow your customers to report their claims remotely, simply, directly through the turnkey app. Speed up the damage cost expertise by the expert, reduce condition report management and increase customer satisfaction. Reduce conflicts with a time-stamped, geo-located, and certified by Blockchain asset condition report.


Integrate WeProov tools to digitize your claims reports, make your clients accountable and accelerate your processes of expertise safely.

1 / Need delimitation

2 / Pilot stage set up

3 / Production phase

4 / Connection to your process

WeProov offers additional services to go further

Proov Estimate

Expertise with reorientation and damage quantitation

Proov Quotation

Get an online quotation for any kind of damage

Proov Bailiff

Get a certified bailiff statement

Proov Analytics

Behavior analysis and decision support tool


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