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In 2 years, Toosla succeeded in conquering the car rental market thanks to this new digital solution that provides remote rental car reservations and simple in-house pick-ups for anyone around the globe. Toosla’s wide range of premium vehicles brings excitement and fun back into car rentals. Based in Paris, Toosla's fleet boasts more than 100 vehicles.

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Make renting a car fun again by giving customers the option to choose from a range of vehicles and features.

Ensure access to a choice of premium vehicles at an affordable price (Mini, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Range Rover...)

Improve the customer process through digital tools (24/7 vehicle availability, car cleanliness and quality conditions, no waiting time, gas refill unnecessary...)

Maintain a profitable model (damage management and repair cost operations)

Before WeProov

Toosla’s agents had previously used a paper procedure to inspect vehicles at every pick-up and return. The use of paper posed many problems for internal operations, updates, and damage interpretation. Damages were difficult to identify and report, which caused conflicts about claimed responsibility. Internal administration of documents was long, ineffective, and therefore costly. Paper inspections additionally made it difficult to accurately evaluate repair costs. Customer rebilling was in turn tedious and lengthy.

Why WeProov?

Thanks to accurate visual reports and top-quality photos, damage detection is easy and straightforward. Vehicle inspections are made directly from a tablet at every pick-up and return. Agents are much more observant to in turn ensure careful and accurate inspections every step of the way. It’s much easier to demonstrate damages with simple photo evidence. We've noticed great improvement in our internal organization since. Thanks to the alerts, we are notified in real time of new damages, which allows us to be more responsive and effective in our daily tasks.

What are the results with WeProov?

Reassured customers thanks to straightforward photo evidence.
Time saved for agents for every report transfer and car pick-up preparation.

Overall improvement of our daily management thanks to alerts as soon as there is a new damage and the sending of instant reports.

An accurate knowledge of repair costs, essential for the most accurate rebilling, thanks to damage detection! This indicator radically improved cost management.

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