Natixis Insurance

Natixis makes it easy for its policyholders to become actors in their contracts thanks to WeProov. The result is an immediate assumption of responsibility on the part of the insured and a benefit in time and money because there is no need to move or immobilize the vehicle. He becomes master of his own declaration and speeds up the entire claims handling process simply.


1 - The Natixis claims management center sends a mission code to its insured by SMS. The latter allows you to enter the WeProov application and retrieve a pre-filled folder. All that's left to do is take the pictures!

2 - The insured person makes the claim report by taking guided photos (and avoiding non-exploitable photos). Once completed, he signs his claim statement on the application and it is automatically sent to the expert in charge of the file.

3 - The insured is compensated as soon as the expert's report is validated.

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