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Hertz is without a doubt one of the leading global figures of the car rental industry. Unfortunately, a large fleet and client base does not make a company immune to vehicle repair and maintenance costs, nor can it prevent the time that’s spent resolving customer conflicts in regards to claimed responsibility of a damaged vehicle. Throughout the last few years, LSA, the largest Hertz franchise in France, saw its TCO increase by 50%. It additionally saw a decrease in customer satisfaction due to poor vehicle conditions.

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Decrease the TCO

Limit wasted time in vehicle repairs

Improve Hertz LSA's brand image and customer service


WeProov provides an easy-to-use solution that allows Hertz to save money and avoid conflicts by empowering its customers throughout the rental period.

WeProov simplifies vehicle inspection at each step of the process.

The complete report is sent to the client, geo-localized, time-stamped and certified. It proves the condition of the vehicle at the beginning and end of the rental period. It's simple and unquestionable!

With the management platform, Hertz' team can check the status of its fleet in real time and save time by pre-filling their future reports.

For long-term rental, Hertz sends inspection missions to its customers to check the condition of the vehicle throughout the rental period.



Protect the fleet

25% less damages thanks to customer accountability


Make a profit

+ 70% of damages identified and billed thanks to secured photos


Avoid conflicts

Improvement of the brand's image thanks to an efficient and modern solution

The customer knows that the vehicle is being monitored, so he becomes more careful and therefore avoids damage.

Employees feel valued as they save time to concentrate on tasks of greater importance.

No more disputes are possible at the end of the rental period. This allows Hertz to maintain a good customer relationship and a good reputation.

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