Luxembourg's leading insurance company since 1922 and based in numerous countries around Europe, Foyer is the champion of various fields such as insurance, wealth management, and contingency funds. The enrollment and assessment processes are tedious and disorganized, and need to be automated and simplified. Collaboration between companies and InsurTech is the best way to overcome challenges and implement long-term growth amid the insurance industry's digital transformation.

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Automate the sending of data from the subscription and revaluation part

Lighten and accelerate the processes of the underwriting and review part

Improve organization of insurance agents’ operational management

Digitize processes as much as possible

Decomplexing decision-making

Prevent attempts of insurance fraud

Before WeProov

The enrollment and assessment processes were previously time-consuming and disorganized. Data transfer (for example, photos) was particularly disorganized when agents needed to pas on information. The decision-making process was additionally difficult and further complicated the entire process.

It was clear that it needed to be automated and organized.

Why WeProov?

Damage detection was straightforward and simple thanks to the accuracy of the reports and the quality of the photos. This process helps combat insurance fraud on account of the reports being time-stamped, geolocated, and unforgeable.

WeProov uses Blockchain to ensure data protection and track report movements susceptible of being fraudulent.

Reports clearly and unequivocally indicate damage through secured photos, making disputes impossible.

What are the results with WeProov?

Foyer agents now carry out digital inspections via the app for every new car insurance contract enrollment.

WeProov’s technology ensures authentic and certified reports thanks to time-stamped, geolocated photos accompanied by an electronic signature.

This meticulous process, as a result, prevents insurance fraud. Disputes are no longer possible. Automatic delivery of data speeds up and simplifies the entire process while saving time and creating all-party accountability.

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