Vehicle rental


For the past 6 years, Carrefour Vinon has been providing its customers a car rental service to ease and assist visitor mobility. This particular activity has currently found itself to be a customer satisfaction feature more than a creator of additional profit. The service is managed part-time by a check-out operator who may not have the technical expertise or time to completely oversee customer vehicle pick-ups and returns.

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Replace the tedious, technical, and lengthy paper procedure.

Find a simple and user-friendly solution which allows an operator with little to no technical knowledge to quickly oversee inspections that ensure evidential value for the customer.

Reduce operator interventions for pick-ups and returns to the max.

Offer an extra service that is easy, enjoyable, and efficient for customers.

Before WeProov

Carrefour Vinon previously used a paper procedure to monitor vehicle conditions every pick-up and return. This was a lengthy process and took operators away from other duties for long periods of time.

Why WeProov?

The company’s implementation of a new solution was at first daunting for the operators lacking vehicle management qualifications. They were intimidated by the idea of handling a highly technical digital solution.

"Though initially reluctant to embrace the changes of the process, the operators quickly understood the app thanks to its easy and straightforward step-by-step instructions. Operators fully adopted the tool after it was determined that it truly simplifies the process, and now they cannot do without! We can monitor vehicle conditions remotely and in real time for every vehicle pick-up and return. It's a relief for our company and saves us time to work on more important daily functions!"

What are the results with WeProov?

Ease of use: "My hostesses without automotive technical qualifications are able to manage each departure/return of vehicles like professionals!

Speed: "From now on, the inspection of a vehicle takes us 6-7 min!"

Ergonomics: "The tool was adopted in a few days by our hostesses"

Autonomy: "Thanks to the management platform, I can manage all vehicle departures and returns without even moving from my office!"

Rapid decrease in the number of damages: "We quickly saw a decrease in our repair costs because our customers are responsible for the inventory of fixtures taken at the time of its taking over"

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