Called "WeProov Smart", it now offers fleet managers of SMEs and medium and large accounts a simplified and cost-effective service for remote monitoring of the real state of their vehicle fleet and optimising their TCO.

WeProov Fleet, the only solution for fleet managers that digitises and simplifies the management of damage and claims for company vehicles, has added a new offer.

Called "WeProov Smart", it now offers fleet managers of SMEs and medium and large accounts a simplified and cost-effective service for remote monitoring of the real state of their vehicle fleet and optimising their TCO.

Thanks to this new fast and simple tool, WeProov demonstrates its ability to support more and more professionals on a daily basis and to adapt its offer to their needs for optimal fleet management.

"We are very proud to be able to expand our offer by proposing 3 distinct types of services that are closer to business needs: Manager, Inspect and now Smart. At WeProov, we are committed to responding to all professional uses and to more and more business cases. This approach is paying off, as we have already seen a strong appetite from the market for this new access solution to our tool, and we expect good growth prospects. Indeed, the first deployments already represent 10% of our business, a figure that should double by 2021. "explains Alexandre Meyer, CEO and co-founder of WeProov.

WeProov Smart: a new 100% Inspection offer for monitoring the company fleet

Until now, the start-up's offer was twofold: WeProov Manager and WeProov Inspect. The first service offers the possibility of managing from A to Z all damage and claims that occur during the ownership of a vehicle. The second allows the fleet manager to have his drivers inspect their vehicle a few weeks before it is returned. The manager will be notified if there is any damage to the vehicle and will decide whether or not to have the vehicle repaired, with the help of WeProov's artificial intelligence.

In the space of a few months, these two services have attracted more large companies such as SNCF, DHL, Bouygues Construction, LS Services and Socotec.

Building on this success, the start-up is continuing its momentum with the launch of its new "Smart" offer, entirely dedicated to fleet monitoring inspections. Offered in the form of a subscription, it includes an unlimited number of inspections as well as the provision of the A.I. guided application for drivers and the Fleet management platform for the manager. The manager has access to a dashboard to manage the inspections carried out by the drivers, monitor the fleet and analyse the KPi.

With its Smart offer, WeProov provides a simplified and more economical service for monitoring the state of the fleet and structuring the support of drivers in their inspection.

The Smart offer is aimed at SMEs, medium-sized companies and large accounts that want to know the real state of their vehicle fleet remotely and optimise their TCO thanks to an effective and easy-to-use tool.

A newly launched turnkey solution that is already attracting interest in the fleet market

This new offer is in line with the unique business approach of the start-up, which since its inception has offered AI in solutions that are increasingly adapted to the needs and requirements of its users. With the Smart offer, it is mainly small fleets of vehicles that can now benefit from an intuitive device and a fleet monitoring system boosted by the most powerful AI on the market. This is capable of detecting more than fifteen types of damage (scratches, dents, breaks, missing parts, misalignment, glass breakage, etc.) with an accuracy rate of around 80%, which will even rise to 95% in the next few months.

WeProov's R&D teams are constantly working on developing new offers and improving AI to anticipate and meet the expectations of mobility professionals. This approach is proving to be very attractive, as WeProov Fleet Smart has just been launched and is already attracting customers, accounting for almost 10% of the start-up's business. This figure is expected to double by the end of 2021, proving its relevance to professionals in the sector.

"Managers who want to control 100% of their fleet need a simple and effective digital tool to manage and optimise the daily monitoring and control of their fleet. Also, by addressing new users, Smart illustrates our desire to remain as close as possible to the expectations of professionals and to offer them services that are increasingly adapted. This unique business vision has been part of our commitment since the beginning", Alexandre Meyer, CEO and co-founder of WeProov.

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